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Sunday, 26th May, 2019

Spring 2017 interior design

My latest pins. Key words for me this spring; Grey, teal, black, white, nature, minimalistic, gold. I always feel so inspired during this time of year. Redecorating is like doing a spring cleaning. Out with the old dusty winter and in with the new, sunny spring!

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Friday philosophy

Trots att jag slaviskt tagit mina ingefärs-shots varje morgon har jag varit sjuk de senaste 4 veckorna. Bihåleinflammation. Efter två antibiotikakurer (hej resistens…) är det förhoppningsvis över. Peppar, peppar ta i trä. Det här är kanske måttligt intressant att läsa om, men det kommer en poäng. Under de här veckorna har jag gått från att vara jättesjuk (=orkar bara existera på soffan) till att ändå vara på jobbet och fungera hyfsat normalt (=lite trög och pannknack), till att stundom känna mig helt bra. Genomgående har jag tagit det ovanligt lugnt och kvar har det funnits tid till reflektion.
Det är när jag blir uttråkad och rastlös som tankarna börjar snurra och kreativiteten smyger sig fram. Jag har tänkt mycket på vad jag vill göra härnäst i livet- både på ett personligt och ett professionellt plan. Som ni kanske har märkt tycker jag om att jobba med mål och motivation och mina tankar har kretsat kring just detta. Vilket mål ska jag ta tag i härnäst? Hur ska jag prioritera? Vad är viktigt för mig i livet? Under den här senaste månaden har allting satts på paus. Jag har helt enkelt inte orkat tänka längre än att jag vill bli frisk. Då slog det mig; Kanske måste vi inte alltid sträva framåt? Kanske är det ibland det bästa målet att vara i nuet.
Det låter lite väl löjligt att säga att en bihåleinflammation har “förändrat” mitt liv, men det har gett mig lite nya perspektiv. Jag kommer inte att nå mina delmål för årets första kvartal, men det är okej. Det är som det är och då får man göra det bästa av situationen. Jag ser framåt och går vidare. Under tiden är jag tacksam för allt jag har här i livet. Nu blir det till att fortsätta med vitamin-boosten och njuta av våren äntligen är på ingång!



Although I’ve been taking my ginger shots every morning I still ended up with a sinus infection and have spent the past 4 weeks being ill. After two rounds of antibiotics (Hello resistance…) I think it might be over now, knock on wood. This might be mildly interesting to read about, but there’s a point. During the past month I’ve been going from severely ill (=Laying on the couch like a vegetable), to being able to function quite normal and work (=A bit slow and a headache), to feeling completely fine from time to time. Throughout this time I’ve been relaxing a lot, which is unusual for me, and I’ve had a lot of time for reflection.
When I’m bored and restless my mind starts to wander and I get creative. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I wanna do next in life. Both on personal and professional level. As you might have noticed, I love working with goals and motivation, so this has been the theme of my thoughts. What’s my next goal? How should I prioritize? What’s important to me in life? When I was ill all of my plans were put on hold. My only focus have been to get well. That’s when it hit me; Maybe we don’t always have to strive forward? Maybe, the goal sometimes is to just exist in the moment.
It sounds ridicuolous saying that a sinus inectio “changed” my life, but it has given me some new perspectives. I will not reach my goals for the first quarter of this year, and that’s alright. It is what is, and I can only accept it and make the best of the sitatuation. I’m looking ahead and moving on. Meanwhile, I’m grateful for everything I have in life. I will continue my vitamin boost and enjoy spring that has finally started to arrive!

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One shot a day keeps the doctor away



Så här i förkylningstider är det nästan omöjligt att hålla sig frisk, men man får helt enkelt göra sitt bästa. Förutom att vara extra noga med handhygien och låta bli att peta sig i ögon, näsa, mun, varför inte ladda vitamindepåerna med en härlig ingefära- och citron-shot? One shot a day keeps the doctor away!


Du behöver:

  • 2 citroner
  • 200 g färsk ingefära
  • 1/2 dl honung
  • 1 liter vatten

Gör så här:

  1. Riv ingefäran grovt med skalet på.
  2. Värm upp tillsammans med vattnet i kastrull i 20 minuter. OBS! Temperaturen får ej överstiga 60 grader, då dör alla vitaminer.
  3. Sila bort ingefäran och tillsätt honungen. Rör om och låt svalna.
  4. Tillsätt sedan pressad citron.


Den färdiga blandningen håller upp till en månad i kylen. Varför inte göra ett storkok och bunkra upp? Perfekt att starta dagen med!


Det finns även de som tycker om extra hetta och adderar chilipeppar. Om du vill göra det går det bra att strö i när du värmer upp ingefäran. Personligen tror jag inte att min känsliga mage skulle vara så förtjust i det. Shoten är redan stark nog med all ingefära.

Jag kan även tänka mig att det kan vara gott att blanda lite av drycken i en smoothie, kanske med lite spirulina eller spenat i. Bara fantasin sätter gränser.




It’s flu season and near to impossible to stay away from catching a cold right now. Besides being extra careful with your personal hygiene and keep your eyes, nose, and mouth free from dirty fingers, why not charge your body with a lovely ginger- and lemon shot? One shot a day keeps the doctor away!


You need:

  • 2 lemons
  • 7 oz / 200 g of fresh ginger
  • 50 ml / 1,5 dl honey
  • 4,2 cups /1 litre of water


How to:

  1. Grate the ginger roughly with the peel on.
  2. Add ginger and water in a pot, heat up for 20 minutes. Important! The temperature cannot rise above 140 F / 60 C because that will kill the vitamins.
  3. Sift the ginger and add the honey. Stir and let cool.
  4. Squeeze lemons and add the juice.

The shot mixture will stay fresh for up to a month refrigerated. Why not make a big batch and stock up? It’s a perfect way to start your day!


There’s some people who like adding chili pepper to the shot. If you would like to do so, add it to the water and ginger mix when you’re heating it up. Personally, I don’t think my sensitive belly would be very fond of that. The shot is strong enough with all the ginger.

I can also imagine it being good to add some of the mixture in a smoothie, maybe with some spirulina or spinage. Only your imagination is the limit.

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Easy snack/light lunch: Egg, turkey, avocado toast





My latest obsession; Fried eggs with avocado, salt and pepper. Why is it I always find something I really like and then eat it until I get sick of it? Anyway, this is super easy to make as a snack or light lunch.

You need:

  • Toast (toast it as well)
  • Avocado
  • Lettuce
  • Turkey
  • Fried egg with salt and black pepper
  • Cherry tomatoes
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Adidas Runners Stockholm

Remember how I told you about this new running group I joined? Well, I’ve been keeping it up ever since. I’m amazed of how much fun it is to run with others. It’s the perfect motivation. There’s just something about packing your bag and going to see a bunch of people that share the same interest as you. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, beginner or athlete, we all have one thing in common and that is we want to run!
I’ve never run a longer distance than about 5-7 km. For me that’s playing it safe. It’s a distance I’m comfortable with and I know I can keep a good speed all the way. However, thanks to Adidas Runners, I have now stepped out of my comfort zone. Last week I ran my very first 10 km! I was so happy and proud of myself I had to call my mom afterwards, hehe. For me, running with others was the kick I needed. It’s also comforting knowing that if you fall behind there’s always someone keeping you company back there too. I also heard someone talking about signing up for the competition for a spot at the half marathon in Gothenburg and Paris… Maybe that’s my next goal for the year.


From the Adidas store opening in Stockholm. They had an awesome event where they talked about their shoes and the technology behind them. There was also a running coach there analyzing what type of shoe you need. The perfect shoe for my feet was the Adidas Supernova. I absolutely love them. 

From now on Tuesday nights are my favorite nights (except from Fridays…). You have to come join. The more the merrier! There’s always 2-3 groups running a different distance and pace, as well as intervals, so there’s something for everyone. You have no excuses.

Click HERE to join Adidas Runners in Stockholm

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Homemade granola




I was in the store grocery shopping yesterday and was just about to throw a box of granola in my basket when I looked at the price. I put the box back at the shelf. 6 freaking dollars for a tiny box of granola? What did they put in it? Flakes of gold?? No thank you. Instead, I walked over to the aisle across from me and picked up a bag of almonds, the only missing ingredient for making my own granola.


I didn’t follow a recipe this time since it was a spontaneous decision and I was too lazy to start googling in the store. It’s very simple though, there’s a few basics you need to make your own homemade granola. You can mix and match them however you like it.

How to make your own homemade granola:

  • The liquids

    Choose between oil (sunflower, olive, coconut) and butter. My favorite is hands down coconut oil. It gives such an amazing flavor.

  • The sweet stuff

    Honey, maple syrup, agave nectar, brown sugar or cane sugar.

  • The spices

    Cinnamon, vanilla, cardamon, ground ginger, peanut butter, cocoa powder, chocolate nibs, cloves… Anything you like (Not all at once!)

  • The grains

    Nuts, and seeds; Oats should (According to me) always be in granola. Add pumpkin seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, coconut flakes, chia seeds, flax seeds, etc.

  • The fruit

    Anything dried. Cranberries, blueberries, plums, dates, apricots, goji, strawberries, pineapple, mango or raisins.


Step 1: Take 2-3 cups/5-7 dl of oats and mix with 1 cup of roughly chopped nuts (I used almonds).

Step 2: Roast in the oven at 150 degrees Celsius/300 Fahrenheit for 10 minutes. Stir once or twice.

Step 3: While the oats are roasting, take 1/4 cup/0,6 dl of your choice of fat/liquid. Pick one or two sweeteners and add 2 tbsp. The coconut oil needs to be melted at a low temperature first.

Step 4: Add 1 tbsp of spices  into the liquids. I only had cinnamon this time.

Step 5: Take the oats and nuts and mix it with your liquid and spice mix. Add 1/2 cup/1 dl of seeds (I had pumpkin seeds). Stir well. Don’t add coconut flakes or dried fruit now!

Step 6: Roast in oven at 170 degrees Celsius/350 Fahrenheit for about 10-15 minutes until golden brown. Do not stir if you like chunks.

Step 7: Now you can add 1/2 cup/1 dl of coconut flakes and 1/2 cup/1 dl of dried fruit. I only had coconut flakes and cranberries.


Voila! As you can see, you can mix and match however you like it. The measurements are not exact, just pick whatever you feel is the right amount. Really like plums? Well, throw in some more.


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Weekly schedule



I started my morning by listening to a, for me, new podcast; Framgångspodden (“Success pod”). I’ve heard about it but never got around to listening. There’s like a billion episodes and I had no idea where to start. I randomly picked an episode I found interesting. The setup is simple. The host, Alexander Pärleros invites inspiring people to his studio and interviews them about their success. The guests are anyone from big CEO’s, cancer survivors, politicians, authors, athletes, etc. As you can imagine, there’s like a billion episodes with a lot of interesting people. I randomly picked one I thought sounded interesting and started to listen. Wow, I was not disappointed.
In this episode (no. 82) Anton Granlund was the guest. He’s an entrepreneur and the co-founder of Global Retail that brought G-Star to Sweden. I’m not gonna go into to detail about what he said, just listen to it if you need some inspiration. However, what I really liked was his advice. Just like me, he was interested in goal setting and how to motivate people. I’ve heard A lot of his ideas before, but there was one new thing I learned that I would like to share; How to schedule your days.

Green = Done, Yellow = Started, Red = Not done

As you’ve seen, I’m pretty good at scheduling my time. Anton, on the other hand, took it to a whole new level. He makes a daily plan hour by hour. At first I thought that’s crazy and way too boring. Who wants to live their life like that? Where’s the spontaneity? Then I thought about it some more and I decided to give it a try.
I don’t believe you have to fill every single box all the time. Leave a few empty hours every week for unplanned events. For example, let’s say you have planned to work with HR all morning, but something unforeseen happens and you have to postpone. That’s not the end of the world if you have some time leftover. Or if your lunch meeting cancels, or you get invited to a party at last minute.
Personally, I have such a love/hate relationship to this kind of organizing. I love routines in one sense, but if my days always looks the same I get extremely bored and restless. I also know that if you have a goal you need to stay organized and work hard to reach it. This type of planning could really be of help for that. Another example; You have decided to start exercising. Schedule it, where, when, and with who, and you’re way more likely to actually get it done compared to if you just decide to workout “sometimes next week”.


Also, don’t forget to schedule some nice relaxing time, a date with your partner, friend, and family.




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My Bullet Journal Pt.1

Life has been a little bumpy lately, but now I finally feel like I’m on the right track. There’s one thing that really helps me to stay organized during times like these; My bullet journal. I have kept a journal since I was 12 years old, and my calendar has been my best friend forever. I have gone through a fair share of different brands and models, but never found the perfect one. So I started making my own instead. Yes, it takes a lot of work. However, I can choose how much time I spend on it. Some weeks I go crazy researching design ideas, and others I keep it simple. Since it’s a new year I bought a new journal. Before I had a Moleskine, but this time I tried a Leuchtturm 1917. I have found material love. For me, this is the perfect size. A little wider than the Moleskine, but it has the same beige, ink-bleed safe paper.



I have a million ideas of what I want to keep in my bullet journal, and thought I would share a few.


To keep track of where everything is I always have a table of content. What’s so good about the Leuchtturm 1917 is that there’s already one there, and the pages are numbered. Then I have my key. That’s basically just a chart of what all my symbols mean. Although since I use them every day it’s hard to forget.

Then I have my future log with upcoming holidays and birthdays. I have a bunch of other stuff after this like goals and budgets, but I’m saving that for another day. Instead I’m jumping ahead to my weekly spread. This week I spent a little more time and this is how it turned out:


I really like this layout. It gives me a good overview and I still have room for notes and some trackers. I do have my monthly tracker as well, but this one is less extensive and… Really just for me to keep track of things.


The best part about having a bullet journal is that I can change my layout week to week, I can add things, and improve them all the time. I think it’s meditative and soothing to sit and draw straight lines and boxes. And who doesn’t love to make lists? A bullet journal is like a super long list. I absolutely love it.

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New year, new me…?

Yet another year has passed and now we are overwhelmed with “New Year, New Me”-quotes and newspaper articles. I believe that you can start pursuing your goals anytime in the year, but I also see the purpose of doing it at New Years, it’s easy and convenient.


Personally, I set goals all the time throughout the year. I don’t really believe in the whole “change over night”. I believe in development, and that happens all the time, not just once a year. I have my life time goals, my 5 year goals, yearly goals, monthly goals, weekly goals, and daily goals. Phew, that’s a lot of goals. I have found a strategy and routine to organizing all of this in my calendar, so it’s not as bad as it sounds. Maybe I’ll share some strategies as soon as I’m done.


It’s easy making long lists of things you want to do more of and habits you want to quit. However, the most difficult part is to actually take steps in the right direction and doing something. This is something I struggle with at the moment. Sure, step number one is to think long and hard about what’s important to you, but it doesn’t matter how long your list is if you have no intention of pursuing your goals. Then it’s just words on a piece of paper.


There’s a difference between saying “I can’t”, and “It’s not a priority


So the next time I wanna postpone taking action in the pursue of my goals, I’m going to think about the quote above. We all have the same amount of hours in a day, the only thing that differs are how we choose to spend them. Just do it. 


image_6245057472 One of my goals is to take some more photos, so you don’t always have to look at me, hehe.


Set your 2017 goals:

Step 1: Think about what you want. Make a list or mindmap.

Step 2: Prioritize. Set a time plan. When are you going to do it? How? What obstacles might occur, and how will you tackle them?

Step 3: Do it.

Step 4: Evaluate. This step is easily forgotten, but still important. If you don’t evaluate the outcome you won’t know what went wrong or right. You won’t know what to do more of and what to do different.


How do you feel about New Year’s resolutions/goals?



For more guidelines and inspiration:

Set goals

Making a change



Life balance




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#Review: Too Faced Foundation “Born This Way”



I think I’ve told you before about my dry and sensitive skin and how difficult it is to find a foundation that don’t cause a flare up of eczema. However, I believe this is it. It started with a sample of Too Faced’s foundation Born This Way, and after a week my skin was still flawless so I went and purchased it. Now I can with 99% certainty say that it works!

So what makes Born This Way so good?

+ Gives medium to full coverage without feeling caky
+ You can easily add several layers for more or less coverage
+ Stays in place all day (especially with some powder or setting spray)
+ No skin irritations. Although I know this is very individual
+ Prize worthy
+ No oil = no clogged pores

I would definitely recommend this foundation if you have dry skin. It gives a nice luster without being too shiny or looking oily. For me this is exactly what I’ve been looking for in a foundation. I will probably use this now during winter time when I need more coverage or for special occasions and photo shoots.



Born This Way has hyaluronic acid which is probably the main reason why I don’t get eczema from it. Hyaluronic acid is great for dry skin and helps restore and moisturize. That is actually one of the ingredients you should look for if you suffer from eczema.





Jag tror att jag har berättat om min torra och känsliga hy förut och hur svårt det är att hitta en foundation som inte ger mig eksem. Jag tror att jag har knäckt koden, jag har hittat den. Det började med en tester av Too Faced’s foundation Born This Way. Efter en vecka var min hy fortfarande perfekt så jag gick och köpte den. Nu kan jag med 99% säkerhet säga att den fungerar!

Så vad gör Born This Way så bra?

+ Den ger medium till full täckning utan att bli kakig
+ Du kan enkelt applicera flera lager för att styra hur täckande du vill ha den
+ Den sitter på plats hela dagen (speciellt om du har ett puder eller setting spray ovanpå)
+ Ingen hudirritation. Även om jag vet att detta är väldigt individuellt
+ Prisvärd (350 kr på Sephora)
+ Fri från olja = inga tilltäppta porer

Jag skulle absolut rekommendera denna foundation om du har torr och känslig hy. Den ger en fin lyster utan att bli för glansig eller se oljig ut. Det här var exakt det jag letat efter hos en foundation. Jag kommer förmodligen att använda den mest nu under vintern när jag behöver en mer täckande foundation och för speciella tillfällen och fotograferingar.

Born This Way innehåller hyaluronsyra vilket antagligen är den största anledningen till att jag inte får eksem. Hyaluronsyra är toppen för torr hud och hjälper till att återfukta. Det är faktiskt en av de ingredienserna du bör leta efter om du lider av eksem.

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