Adidas Runners Stockholm

February 8, 2017

Remember how I told you about this new running group I joined? Well, I’ve been keeping it up ever since. I’m amazed of how much fun it is to run with others. It’s the perfect motivation. There’s just something about packing your bag and going to see a bunch of people that share the same interest as you. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, beginner or athlete, we all have one thing in common and that is we want to run!
I’ve never run a longer distance than about 5-7 km. For me that’s playing it safe. It’s a distance I’m comfortable with and I know I can keep a good speed all the way. However, thanks to Adidas Runners, I have now stepped out of my comfort zone. Last week I ran my very first 10 km! I was so happy and proud of myself I had to call my mom afterwards, hehe. For me, running with others was the kick I needed. It’s also comforting knowing that if you fall behind there’s always someone keeping you company back there too. I also heard someone talking about signing up for the competition for a spot at the half marathon in Gothenburg and Paris… Maybe that’s my next goal for the year.


From the Adidas store opening in Stockholm. They had an awesome event where they talked about their shoes and the technology behind them. There was also a running coach there analyzing what type of shoe you need. The perfect shoe for my feet was the Adidas Supernova. I absolutely love them. 

From now on Tuesday nights are my favorite nights (except from Fridays…). You have to come join. The more the merrier! There’s always 2-3 groups running a different distance and pace, as well as intervals, so there’s something for everyone. You have no excuses.

Click HERE to join Adidas Runners in Stockholm


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