Best TV Show Right Now: 11.22.63

April 5, 2016



In need for a new TV show to binge watch? Look no further, I have the answer: 11.22.63. I just finished watching this mini-series (only 1 season) and I loved it! I mean, James Franco dressed up in 1960’s fashion- what could go wrong? The TV show is based on a novel by Stephen King. It may sound a little stupid when you read about it, but I promise you it’s anything but stupid. The show/novel is about a teacher (Franco) who travels back in time to stop the¬†assassination of JFK in 1963. So yes, a little science fiction is involved, but for the most part everything is pretty “normal” and nothing is ever over the top crazy.


Personally, I didn’t know that much about the JFK assassination so it was interesting to learn more. I can definitely recommend you to watch 11.22.63. Just one warning: The first episode is very long, but after that they’re around 45-50 minutes.




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