The Best (And Worst) Halloumi

May 9, 2016

I love halloumi. I mean, who doesn’t? It’s so perfectly salty, chewy, and delicious. My favorite dish at the moment is this.


Anyway, last night I was about to make this for dinner. We were standing in our local grocery store, and we have two options: 1. Get the store brand’s halloumi cheap, or 2. Get the ecological superexpensive “better” brand. We decided to buy one of each to compare. How big of a diffenrence can it be, it’s both made of milk right?

Man oh man, was I wrong. The cheaper store brand halloumi sucked. It almost melted immidiatley in the pan and stuck to it even though I cooked it with olive oil. Not to mention the taste. No salt and it tasted burnt (but it wasn’t!).


So what about the ecological superexpensive halloumi? It was heaven. I usually get the same brand but non-eco one, and that’s good. But I have to say this eco-friendly one might be worth the extra money.




Halloumi perfection: Golden, crisp, chewy, and salty.  



Since I’m not one of those fancy big bloggers who gets sponsored, I guess I can tell you the brand names.


Best halloumi ever: Fontana (extra plus for the ecological)

Worst halloumi ever: Coop





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