My Bullet Journal Pt.1

February 1, 2017

Life has been a little bumpy lately, but now I finally feel like I’m on the right track. There’s one thing that really helps me to stay organized during times like these; My bullet journal. I have kept a journal since I was 12 years old, and my calendar has been my best friend forever. I have gone through a fair share of different brands and models, but never found the perfect one. So I started making my own instead. Yes, it takes a lot of work. However, I can choose how much time I spend on it. Some weeks I go crazy researching design ideas, and others I keep it simple. Since it’s a new year I bought a new journal. Before I had a Moleskine, but this time I tried a Leuchtturm 1917. I have found material love. For me, this is the perfect size. A little wider than the Moleskine, but it has the same beige, ink-bleed safe paper.



I have a million ideas of what I want to keep in my bullet journal, and thought I would share a few.


To keep track of where everything is I always have a table of content. What’s so good about the Leuchtturm 1917 is that there’s already one there, and the pages are numbered. Then I have my key. That’s basically just a chart of what all my symbols mean. Although since I use them every day it’s hard to forget.

Then I have my future log with upcoming holidays and birthdays. I have a bunch of other stuff after this like goals and budgets, but I’m saving that for another day. Instead I’m jumping ahead to my weekly spread. This week I spent a little more time and this is how it turned out:


I really like this layout. It gives me a good overview and I still have room for notes and some trackers. I do have my monthly tracker as well, but this one is less extensive and… Really just for me to keep track of things.


The best part about having a bullet journal is that I can change my layout week to week, I can add things, and improve them all the time. I think it’s meditative and soothing to sit and draw straight lines and boxes. And who doesn’t love to make lists? A bullet journal is like a super long list. I absolutely love it.


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