Cetaphil Moisturizer Ezcema Review

February 27, 2016

My skin rarely wants to cooperate with me. You might not believe so because the majority of my photos are edited to my favor (oh my god, I am a false, shallow person now?!). I get flare ups of eczema and hormonal pimples that just refuses to go away no matter what I do. My skin is very dry and sensitive, and I can never use anything organic or all natural. The eczema has been a part of me since birth, then it got better, and from time to time it gets worse.


I know all the things I should do, like taking cold showers and only shower like twice a week, but seriously, who does that? Instead I’m trying my best to be nice towards my skin and always moisturize. I have after my trials and errors found my favorite brand: Cetaphil.


Here’s my review of three different Cetaphil lotions:




(Click on the name of each product to see where you can buy it)


First out we have the Cetaphil Facial Moisturizer for sensitive and dry skin

+ It surely moisturizes your skin

+ Does not leave a greasy residue

+ No smell

– Gives me outbreaks of pimples



Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream for dry and sensitive skin

+ Same as above: moisturizes without leaving residue

+ No smell


I don’t have anything negative to say about this product, I love it! For me, it’s perfect. It may not cure my eczema but it keeps my skin nice and soft throughout the day without feeling oily.


Cetaphil Eczema Calming Body Moisturizer 

+ No residue

+ Light, more like a lotion than a cream

– The smell. It’s not a perfume, just that the “no smell” part kinda smell… Not too bothering though

-Does not give me any “itch relief” as promised


I wouldn’t say that I don’t like this product, it just doesn’t do that much. It reminds me of the body cream but lighter, so my skin actually gets a little dry.


Overall, I would definitely recommend anyone with eczema or dry, sensitive skin to try these products. Everyone is different and you might not experience the same effects. None of the products have in any way made my skin worse, and that’s why I still use them. On top of it all, I think they’re price worthy.



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