Face Mask Pore Cleansing

March 18, 2016

Last night i looked a little bit too closely in the mirror and I realized how many pores and blackheads I got. I think it’s so annoying that there’s no permanent way of removing the pores/blackheads, instead they just keep coming back. In general, my face is pretty messed up at the moment: I get pimples on one spot, and eczema on the other. I feel like it doesn’t matter how well I try and take care of my skin, it never wants to cooperate. Therefor, I’m starting to believe it has more to do with the inside (diet, hormones, etc.). The big question then is: How do I fix that?


While I’m trying to figure that out, I went to the store and got a couple of products that might help a little bit. At least it feels better psychological to do something.



Last night I tried on the Formula 10.0.6’s face mask “Pores Be Pure”, and pore strips “Down To The Pore”. I have yet to try Nivea’s pore strips.


My review of the Formula 10.0.6 face mask:

This is a mud mask, meaning it will dry like a piece of clay on your skin. According to the instructions it might sting and give you tingling sensation- and yes it does. It went away after a couple of minutes though. I got worried at first seeing I have eczema, but it wasn’t a problem. I’m not really sure if face masks does anything, really, but regardless it feel nice and refreshing. My skin was nice and soft afterwards, and felt clean. I would still be careful to use this one if you have sensitive skin. 


My review of Formula 10.0.6 pore strips:

There’s 6 strips in one package, and all of them are for the nose. That’s too bad, because I would’ve liked one for my chin as well. Maybe you can put the nose one there anyways? It was easy to apply: simply wet (I steamed) your nose and put the on the strip. Let sit for 15 min. It became really stiff and it almost felt like ripping off a band-aid. Since I’d already squeezed most of my blackheads, it wasn’t a big difference. My boyfriend on the other hand, he got a bunch of little brown pores stuck on his strip. I guess it works then. Again, my nose is smooth as a baby’s butt.




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