Fall Activities

October 18, 2016



It’s a fact; Fall is upon us. The leaves are turning red and yellow and slowly falling to the ground. The morning air is chilly, and the sun is nowhere to be seen. The darkness is creeping in. However, do not despair! It is possible to find the light in all this misery, you just have to look harder.


Here are a few things you might enjoy this fall:

  • Snuggle up on the couch underneath a warm blanket and a cup of tea
  • Light candles
    • This changes your living room atmosphere in a heart beat, and all you wanna do is chill, maybe with some Netflix
  • Wear cozy oversized sweaters and wool socks
  • Go shopping for the above
  • Let the colorful nature inspire you.
    • Go for a walk and appreciate the fact that you’re not drenched in sweat after 5 minutes
  • Let go of the summer stress
    • This is the time to recharge, stop, think about yourself, your future, your dreams. Stop worrying about your “summer body” (What is that anyways, and how is it different from the winter body?). You don’t have to feel guilty for spending the day indoors (Although you should never feel guilty for doing what you like), and there’s no pressure in having to do fun activities all the time.
  • Focus on work/studies
  • Plan a trip
    • It’s actually scientifically proven that planning a trip (Or any fun event) is more rewarding than the actual trip/event itself.
  • Take a night class
    • There are lots of fun indoor activities. Why not learn how to paint, a new language, computer science, gaming, knitting, join a book circle… The list can go on and on.
  • Be active
    • It may be dark but don’t let that stop you. Put on your reflector vest and go out for a walk. Or take a yoga class, or join the gym, or whatever you think is fun.
  • Find peace in your routines
    • Yes, summer vacation is great with all the freedom. But lets be honest, how good is it really long-term? And how fun would it be if that was life every day, all year? Summer and vacation is great because it’s not part of our everyday life. Now you can go back, or create new routines that allows you to relax and focus on what you find important.

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