Fatty Tuesday

February 9, 2016




Today is something called “Fettisdagen”, or directly translated “Fatty Tuesday”. All you Swedes know what I’m talking about. This is almost like a holiday, and the tradition is to eat a Semla. It’s basically a bun stuffed with almond gooey and whip cream.


As a child I never understood this, almond? Cream? Nah. Not for me. I used to scrape it all off and just eat the bun. Today I realized I must be an adult, because I actually enjoyed my semla! If you want to be a real hard core semmel-eater you eat it with some hot milk in a bowl. Maybe I’ll try that next year.




My original plan was to bake my own buns and fill, but honestly I have been so extremely tired today I cheated and got this at the bakery. Sometimes you just gotta listen to you body and relax and eat some fatty creamy buns. After all, we only live once.





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