Feeling ill? Here’s What You Can Do!

February 16, 2016

It seems almost everyone is feeling ill right now. Regardless if you’re “just” having a cold or you got the flu it sucks. My cold is getting better, (I think?) but I’m too tired to do all the normal stuff. With me being so restless this is not a good combination. So what to do? I figured I’ll give you some tips on easy activities you can do while you’re resting. If you’re having the flu you should probably just stay in bed and not move except when to get more ice cream- and for this I have a list of good TV shows you can watch.



Let’s start with some easy breezy TV shows to binge watch:


  • Suits

This is my favorite show right now. It’s got everything: Drama, humor, love, men in suits and girls in fancy clothes.


  • Making a Murderer

Documentary show on Netflix. Warning: You will get addicted. Not so easy and breezy though.


  • Teen Mom OG

Yes. This is my guilty pleasure. Follow four teen moms and all the drama…


  • Impractical Jokers

Humor show about four best friends who challenge each other at doing practical jokes. Really funny and totally OK to fall asleep to.


  • The Profit

Kinda like Shark Tank but more personal. We follow an entrepreneur who helps company’s by investing in them. I don’t know why but I like this show.  



Then of course you have the teenage shows that I think are great to watch when you feel a bit under the weather: Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, etc.



If you’re having a cold and are able to move around in between the TV episodes (like me right now) here’s some ideas of what you can do:


  • Organize at home

How about going through that drawer you never look in to but just keep on throwing stuff in. We all have one several. 


  • Make a list of things you want to do when you’re feeling better. Like this for example.
  • Be creative!

Craft, paint, draw, knit, write, anything you like to do.


  • Call or text a friend

If you can’t hang out in person, you can still be social. Gotta love technology.


  • Browse through your favorite magazines
  • Start a blog

I can easily spend an hour or two just looking at recipes and makeup/fashion/interior decor inspiration


Also, don’t forget to eat! I know a lot of people lose their appetite when being ill, but it’s still important to fuel your body even though you’re spending most of the day in bed. Maybe you have a a family member or friend who lives nearby that can bring you your favorite snacks? If you’re going to the store be sure to pick up some lemon, ginger, and honey to put in your tea.


Hope you feel better! I’m getting sick of being sick myself…



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