DIY: Happy Halloween Decor

October 30, 2016







It has arrived, my favorite holiday of the year: Halloween! I made a few, simple Halloween decorations for our living room window this year. Unfortunately I couldn’t make a graveyard since we don’t have a garden… A few years back I used to have Halloween parties in my parents house and went all in on the decorations. This year I skipped the tradition and kept it simple.


DIY: Halloween decor


Glowing ghost

You need: A piece of white fabric, a LED balloon, a piece of string, black marker

  1. Cut a piece of the fabric
  2. Fill the balloon with air
  3. Use the marker to draw eyes and mouth
  4. Put the fabric over the balloon and tie it together at the top


Flying bats and cat

You need: Black paper, scissors, string

  1. Outline a bat on a piece of paper
  2. Make as many cut-outs as you want
  3. Hang them as you wish




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