Homemade granola

February 5, 2017




I was in the store grocery shopping yesterday and was just about to throw a box of granola in my basket when I looked at the price. I put the box back at the shelf. 6 freaking dollars for a tiny box of granola? What did they put in it? Flakes of gold?? No thank you. Instead, I walked over to the aisle across from me and picked up a bag of almonds, the only missing ingredient for making my own granola.


I didn’t follow a recipe this time since it was a spontaneous decision and I was too lazy to start googling in the store. It’s very simple though, there’s a few basics you need to make your own homemade granola. You can mix and match them however you like it.

How to make your own homemade granola:

  • The liquids

    Choose between oil (sunflower, olive, coconut) and butter. My favorite is hands down coconut oil. It gives such an amazing flavor.

  • The sweet stuff

    Honey, maple syrup, agave nectar, brown sugar or cane sugar.

  • The spices

    Cinnamon, vanilla, cardamon, ground ginger, peanut butter, cocoa powder, chocolate nibs, cloves… Anything you like (Not all at once!)

  • The grains

    Nuts, and seeds; Oats should (According to me) always be in granola. Add pumpkin seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, coconut flakes, chia seeds, flax seeds, etc.

  • The fruit

    Anything dried. Cranberries, blueberries, plums, dates, apricots, goji, strawberries, pineapple, mango or raisins.


Step 1: Take 2-3 cups/5-7 dl of oats and mix with 1 cup of roughly chopped nuts (I used almonds).

Step 2: Roast in the oven at 150 degrees Celsius/300 Fahrenheit for 10 minutes. Stir once or twice.

Step 3: While the oats are roasting, take 1/4 cup/0,6 dl of your choice of fat/liquid. Pick one or two sweeteners and add 2 tbsp. The coconut oil needs to be melted at a low temperature first.

Step 4: Add 1 tbsp of spices  into the liquids. I only had cinnamon this time.

Step 5: Take the oats and nuts and mix it with your liquid and spice mix. Add 1/2 cup/1 dl of seeds (I had pumpkin seeds). Stir well. Don’t add coconut flakes or dried fruit now!

Step 6: Roast in oven at 170 degrees Celsius/350 Fahrenheit for about 10-15 minutes until golden brown. Do not stir if you like chunks.

Step 7: Now you can add 1/2 cup/1 dl of coconut flakes and 1/2 cup/1 dl of dried fruit. I only had coconut flakes and cranberries.


Voila! As you can see, you can mix and match however you like it. The measurements are not exact, just pick whatever you feel is the right amount. Really like plums? Well, throw in some more.



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