How To Make The Most Of Your Week

February 15, 2016

Monday has arrived once again. What will your week look like? What are your goals? Have you done your planning? Or is your goal to do less planning? How was the past week? Did you reach your goals? If not, what can you do different this time?


Today I thought I’d share some of my personal plans and thoughts. Here’s how I usually structure it:


Stuff I have planned/to do

  • Make some personal phone calls
  • Laundry (will take all day…)
  • Dinner party on Friday


My focus/goals for this week

  • Get healthy (I still have a cold)
  • Work on the blog
  • BAKE. I recently got this urge to bake something.


How will I do this?

  • Rest, eat lots of vitamins and healthy food (and some ice cream of course)
  • Think of different blog post ideas and continue to try out new things
  • Find a recipe and just do it


Is there anything that I might find difficult?

Since I’m a very restless person there’s a risk I might find the resting part tricky. To help myself I find it best to make a list of stuff I can remind myself about, and things I can do.


  • Think about that my body really needs to be still, especially if I want to get healthy quicker
  • Watch some good movies and TV shows, write, paint, craft
  • Do some easy stuff like cleaning, baking, organizing


As you can tell I love lists. I can’t help it, I’m a freak when it comes to organizing. However, I really think making lists helps to get a clear overhead picture of what I will do and what my goals are. If I just keep it all in my head I easily feel like there’s way more things I have to do and I get stressed. By writing it down I can see that it’s not that much and I can relax and think about other stuff.


This is a pretty relaxed week for my part and mostly because I’m still a bit ill. If you want to get real nerdy you can use the same procedure for your work.




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