HTC Vive Demo

April 17, 2016


Wow. I am speechless. Today I got a glimpse of the future: Virtual Reality. My boyfriend took me to Webbhallen at Fridhemsplan here in Stockholm, where you can try a demo of the new HTC Vive. He’s been so stoked about this for almost a year now, but I’ve never really understood why. Until now. I’ve never tried the anything like this before, but now I’m hooked.


I don’t know how to explain the feeling, you have to experience it yourself to fully comprehend what it’s like. I didn’t really know what to expect, but whatever I had in mind it was a thousand times cooler than I ever could’ve imagined. The demo went on for 20 minutes and you got try four different “games”, some more interactive than others. You get to literally be down at the bottom of the ocean, watching whales swim by. Or how about being at the office making copies and drinking coffee and eating donuts. Or shooting little robots in space… Or painting in 3D. I can’t pick a favorite, they were all so cool.


I don’t know much about technology, but I think the HTC Vive was great. The graphics were good as long as you place the headset on correctly, and there was no lagging when turning your head/moving around. The best part was definitely the fact that you can move, walk around, and grab things, thanks to the hand controls. The HTC Vive, or VR( Virtual reality) in general, is going to be our future. You can live your whole life through it: Travel the world (or space), be “at work”, or just paint all day long. Imagine if you’re in a wheelchair: VR would make it possible for you to swim around the ocean or climb Mount Everest. It’s like the first step to the Matrix.


If you ever have the opportunity to try the HTC Vive, do it! I can’t explain how freaking cool it is.


If my bf pre-booked it? Take a guess…


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