It’s Monday But It’s Ok

February 8, 2016



Running jacket from Adidas by Stella McCartney


Yawn. New week and a new day. Monday have such a bad reputation that I feel sorry for it. Is there anyone who likes this day? The first day of the week, the first day of work and responsibilities, far away from Fun Friday.


I’m going to annoy you now by being positive. Sorry. If you are actually having a bad day, it’s OK, but if you’re blaming Monday, stop. Instead of seeing this as another week in hell let’s see it as an opportunity to start something new. Or maybe just see it as another day, like Tuesday or Wednesday. Why does Monday always have to be in charge of all the life changing decisions?


My Monday started out by the alarm clock going off way too early, but once I have my coffee I’m good to go. The sun is shining and I feel motivated and excited to kick- start this week!



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