New year, new me…?

January 22, 2017

Yet another year has passed and now we are overwhelmed with “New Year, New Me”-quotes and newspaper articles. I believe that you can start pursuing your goals anytime in the year, but I also see the purpose of doing it at New Years, it’s easy and convenient.


Personally, I set goals all the time throughout the year. I don’t really believe in the whole “change over night”. I believe in development, and that happens all the time, not just once a year. I have my life time goals, my 5 year goals, yearly goals, monthly goals, weekly goals, and daily goals. Phew, that’s a lot of goals. I have found a strategy and routine to organizing all of this in my calendar, so it’s not as bad as it sounds. Maybe I’ll share some strategies as soon as I’m done.


It’s easy making long lists of things you want to do more of and habits you want to quit. However, the most difficult part is to actually take steps in the right direction and doing something. This is something I struggle with at the moment. Sure, step number one is to think long and hard about what’s important to you, but it doesn’t matter how long your list is if you have no intention of pursuing your goals. Then it’s just words on a piece of paper.


There’s a difference between saying “I can’t”, and “It’s not a priority


So the next time I wanna postpone taking action in the pursue of my goals, I’m going to think about the quote above. We all have the same amount of hours in a day, the only thing that differs are how we choose to spend them. Just do it. 


image_6245057472 One of my goals is to take some more photos, so you don’t always have to look at me, hehe.


Set your 2017 goals:

Step 1: Think about what you want. Make a list or mindmap.

Step 2: Prioritize. Set a time plan. When are you going to do it? How? What obstacles might occur, and how will you tackle them?

Step 3: Do it.

Step 4: Evaluate. This step is easily forgotten, but still important. If you don’t evaluate the outcome you won’t know what went wrong or right. You won’t know what to do more of and what to do different.


How do you feel about New Year’s resolutions/goals?



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