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Night Out In Stockholm

March 6, 2016

Yesterday me and my boyfriend went out on a date night. It’s easy to get stuck in rut when living together. The couch always seems more appealing. Of course there’s nothing wrong with the couch, but we still try to go out and do fun stuff together. It was a perfect night and here is a mini guide to where we went and what we did:


We started our night oout by visiting a newly opened café/restaurant called Bestia CaféI can absolutely recommend this place. We got a bunch of small meals that we shared: rabbit taco, veal tongue wrap, mini pastrami burger, pulled pork lettuce wrap, and pickled egg. The rabbit taco turned out to be our favorite, surprisingly enough (sorry Toulouse, my old pet bunny). It was a nice, relaxed atmosphere, and the staff was great. Bestia Café is located right next to Hornstull Subway Exit and is a perfect place to stop by and grab a couple of drinks and a quick bite to eat before continuing out.




After Bestia we went to Ljunggrens on Götgatan and had a drink. This is also a restaurant and bar combined. It’s great for when you want to actually be able to hear what the other person is saying. Most people who come here have their company: friends or significant others, so I wouldn’t recommend coming here if you’re looking to hook up. Awesome bartenders and not overly crowded.


The night ended at Hotellet where there was some “Riviera Summer” theme going on. The dress code was white and everyone was wearing black. That’s Sweden for ya. Hotellet is a nice place because you got the first floor where the bar, restaurant, and terrace is. Then you go downstairs for dancing and untz-untz.





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