June 10, 2016

Everyone who knows me is aware of my addiction to organizing. There’s nothing better than a color coordinated closet, books in alfabetic order, or a spotless kitchen counter. It’s therapeutic to clean. You work and you see an immediate result, the reward is instant. I guess it relieves some sort of stress. While some people relax by watching a movie, I find myself being more midful and relaxed cleaning or organizing.


Everytime I do something it goes in periods: I get really interested in one thing for a couple of weeks (or months), and I do it until it bores me, and I move on to the next thing. I’ve gone through periods of knitting, crafting, painting, making jewelry, etc. I still do some of it, but less frantically. My latest addiction is now organizing everything in containers. 

I want it all to be perfectly categorized in every single space: The kitchen pantry, bathroom medicine cabinet, the sock drawer, crafting box, book case… The list could go on and on.


Both my collegue and boyfriend gave me a weird look when I showed them pictures on Pinterest of how to organize the pantry. I even had a list of all the containers I wanted to get, what size, and where to put them… Call me crazy, but there’s nothing more satisfying than opening a drawer and being able to find your stuff.



My most recent project organizing my crafting material

Rule no 1:

Put smaller containers in the larger ones. I found some old freezer bag boxes that I cut out and put stuff in. No money spent.

No 2:

Don’t be a hoarder. I have a tendency to keep tiny pieces of scrap paper and 1 inch-long ribbons “just in case”. No, you’ll never use it. Toss it.

No 3:

Labels. This is still on my to do list.

No 4:

The most important one: Put everything back in its place when you’re done using it! Otherwise you worked so hard for nothing.


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