# Pedicure

April 2, 2016



Remember how I showed you my manicure routine a while ago? Today I did the same procedure to my feet, but then it’s called a pedicure instead. We use our feet from the age of 1 to the day we die. We only get one pair of feet. Imagine how much we use them, yet they’re easily forgotten. Some people even find them disgusting. How often do you tend to your feet? When was the last time you gave them some love?


No wonder people think feet are gross when no one cares for them. Just because you can hide them in your socks and shoes, that doesn’t mean they don’t need some loving once in a while. If you ask me, hands are way more disgusting. Sure, feet can stink like nothing else, but at least you know where they’ve been. A foot locked up in a shoe vs. a hand you have no idea where it went before shaking yours? I’ll pick the foot.


Thank you my little feetsies for always being there for me, lifting me up (literally). You are not forgotten.


How to do your own mini spa pedicure:

  1. Tap up some hot water (careful not to scold your feet, but at the same time you don’t want it to be lukewarm). Add foot salt. For extra moisture put some vegetable oil in there.
  2. Dip your feet and sit and relax for at least 10-15 minutes. Maybe practice some mindfulness?
  3. Dry your feet and scrub away!
  4. Scrape off the dead skin on your toe nails with the orange stick, and gently “poke” down the cuticles
  5. Cut the cuticles and toe nails
  6. Rinse off and moisture your feet (you can use olive oil for that as well)

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