Relax, Have Some Fun!

March 30, 2016

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The other day I got the question: “Rosie, what are you doing just for fun?”. I was dumbfounded. I rarely do anything just because it’s fun unless there’s a purpose to it. For me “fun” is a waste of time. However, it really got me thinking. Who’s to say having fun is a waste? Relaxing is a part of recreation. Having breaks during your work days has proven to make you more productive, so why wouldn’t the same be applied in your everyday life? Just as resting intbetween workouts build up your muscles, resting your mind build up your mental power.


I think it’s easy to get caught up in the race to be “perfect” with better clothes, more abs, healthier food, better job, cleaner home. What happens if you take a step back, don’t look at Instagram or Facebook for a day, then what do you care about? It’s only human to want to be the best, but do you wanna be the best to show everyone else, or do you wanna be the best for you?


So let’s lighten up a little bit. We only live once, so have some fun!


What do you do just for fun? 




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