Review: Jaybird Wireless Headphones

April 25, 2016

My inspiration has been somewhat lacking lately. I’m ready to get back on track though! It’s Monday, meaning it’s time to make plans and set goals for the upcoming week, remember? I actually have a bunch of fun stuff to look forward too, and I’ll make sure to update more frequently.


To start this week I want to share an awesome gift I received from the love of my life: The Jaybird wireless headphones. When I got home late on Friday night after having a couple of drinks there was a box waiting for me on the kitchen counter. It’s not even my birthday! 





This was the perfect gift. When I go out walking or running I always keep my phone in one of those armbands because I rarely have pockets that are big enough for my phone (and I don’t even have a big phone…). Anyways, when connecting the headphones they keep falling out of my ears because I swing my arms walking. This have resulted in pretty boring walks with me listening to my breath (or God forbid my thoughts!), and traffic sound.


Until now: Now I got these great Jaybird headphones. They might not look like they work, but I’ve tried them on and they’re sticking to my ears perfectly! No cords tangling around my arms, or flapping around in the wind. They even cancel out the surrounding sound and are sweat proof. It’s almost too good to be true.


If you’re looking for a pair of headphones to wear when you go running/walking/exercising in general, I can definitely recommend the Jaybird wireless headphones. It was a little tricky to assemble them but once they’re up and running you won’t be disappointed. There’s two ways to wear them: Over the ear, or regular like shown in the photo. I preferred the regular way.


Summary of the Jaybird wireless headphones:

+ Great sound and noise reduction

+ Wireless = no flapping cords

+ 3 different sizes of ear inserts, and you can choose between memory foam or silicon

+ 3 different sizes of the attachment “wings”

+ Sweat proof

+ Convenient box for storage

+ Easy to charge with USB, and battery lasts for 8 hrs


-The price… Even though I think they’re worth it, they’re quite expensive

– Lacking assembling instructions, although they’re easy to find online





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