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Stockholm Subway Portrait Project

March 20, 2016



It’s back! Last night my boyfriend kick-started his awesome project in Stockholm’s Subway, with me as his assistant.

What is the Sthlm Subway Portrait Project? 

Well, I’m glad you asked. It started about 2 years ago when Evan got his idea: Going to every single subway stop in Stockholm and take portraits of the travelers. They are categorized by the color of the line, blue, green, and red line, and posted on the Sthlm Portrait Project’s website (HERE). When clicking on each line, you will see that it has its own personality. When clicking on each person you will find out a little bit of who they are.


The Sthlm Portrait Project has been going on and off ever since. We had a break during winter time when it was too cold, but now it’s up and running again! I think it’s super fun and I’m so happy to be a part of this project. As an assistant (and native Swede), I’m the one who approaches the travelers telling them about the project and asking if they wanna participate. Then I just hold the light and take notes.


Most people are positive and say yes. The only ones we’re having problems with are the elderly. They are so suspicious and most of them won’t even stop. They’re either thinking I’m a saleswoman, or they hear the word “photo” and automatically go “no”. The fact that it’s being posted on Internet doesn’t really help either. So if you know of any elderly people in Stockholm, please tell them not to be afraid of the Stockholm Subway Portrait Project. We want to be able to portray a fair image of Stockholm.



I was trying to take a selfie yesterday. That was easier said than done…



Check out the Sthlm Subway Portrait Project HERE



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