Super Simple Homemade Granola

July 31, 2016

Is there anyone who doesn’t love granola? I eat it almost every day. Unfortunately, most granola’s that you buy are filled with added, unnecessary sugar. Earlier this week I decided to make my own. It’s so simple, and it doesn’t take any longer than 30 minutes. Since I’ve never done it before I didn’t feel like free-styling, and used this recipe. The result? Heavenly. I can eat it as a snack just as it is. Also, I’ve never tried to use coconut oil before, although it’s super trendy right now. I have to admit it might be a new favorite in the kitchen.



Tip: I added some extra coconut flakes at the end. Next time I’ll probably add some berries or fruit as well. There’s a million different ways to make granola: Use different grains, nuts, oats, berries, spices, etc. I think this was a good easy start.


Tip 2: The granola is rather chewy. Next time I might try to cook it longer after adding the liquids and see if it becomes more crunchy.



Super Simple Homemade Granola Recipe





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