Sweet Dreams

February 8, 2016



Monday is starting to come to an end. I’ve spent my night on the couch, I’m so tired and I just wanna go to bed but it’s not even 9pm.


I have an old habit of planning the upcoming week and  set goals for what I want to achieve.  However, lately this habit has become less frequent. This is something I really wanna bring back because I believe it’s important in order to take control of your life and see that progress is being made.


I think it’s easier to start with the practical stuff:


  • What does my work schedule look like?
  • Do I have something special planned? For example hanging out with a friend, a meeting, an appointment, etc.
  • On what days am I gonna work out?

Then I think about my personal goals:


  • What do I want to focus on this week? For example: I want to eat more healthy- My goal is to eat healthy 3 times this week. Or I want to be more sociable- My goal is to ask a friend to hang out at least 2 times.
  • How will I achieve this? By setting clear goals like the examples above.


All of these questions are important to ask yourself to keep on developing. By looking back at the past week I can clearly see what went good and what I need to work more on. Then of course it’s important to have your long term goals in mind. It is by taking these small steps every day that will get you there in the end. Although I don’t think we will ever be satisfied, we just keep on setting new goals and moving the finishing line, but that’s a different story.


How was your day? What will your goals be for this week? Maybe you have a different routine?




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