Travel Guide: L.A. Part 2

April 3, 2016

There’s an endless amount of things to do in L.A., and there’s something for everyone. Since it was my first time in L.A. (and US) I wanted to check out the “touristy” things as well as the “real” stuff. During vacation, time is limited so you’ll have to prioritize where you wanna go first. My advice is to make a list of places you wanna check out, and then do them on whatever day you feel like. Some things you might have to plan out more, if you have to buy tickets etc. but personally I’m not a big fan of planning out every single minute of my vacation. For me, being spontaneous is half the fun.


Here’s a few places I really enjoyed in L.A.:



Knott’s Scary Farm

This was my no. 1 favorite place to go. It is so freaking cool. Have you been to Gröna Lund’s haunted house? Take that times 100 and you’ll get Knott’s Scary Farm. During the day this is Knott’s Berry Farm: an amusement park with roller coasters, fun, and games. At night on Halloween it turns into the Scary Farm: Foggy alleys, ghosts that chases you, at least 10 haunted houses so cool and scary you’ll piss your pants, zombie laser dome, etc. Of course some of the roller coasters are open as well. You can definitely expect a lot of people and long lines, so be here in time when they open. The lines to the haunted houses are long, but they don’t take that long in time. Believe me when I say it’s worth it.

This is not for the easily frightened. 




Los Angeles Zoo

Maybe the opposite to the Scary Farm. Who does not like animals? The Los Angeles Zoo is huge, and I got to see a bunch of animals I never seen before: Koala bears, flamingos, etc. Of course there’s always that gnawing thought in the back of my head saying that it’s not nice to cage animals. However, these animals seem to have it pretty OK. My advice is to go here when it’s not too hot or sunny (good luck…) because then the animals hide in the shade. We were lucky and got see them all.




Six Flags Magic Mountain

OK, if Knott’s Scary Farm was the Gröna Lund’s haunted house times 100, Six Flags is Gröna Lund times 1000. There’s an endless amount of roller coasters here, bigger and crazier than you’ve ever seen before. The first one we rode was the world’s largest loop… And I got a panic attack and started crying afterwards. Besides from that we went on Goliath, where we both almost blacked out from the G force, and X2000 where you lay down with your feet loose and go backwards. It’s supposed to feel like you’re weightless in space, but I felt more like I was about to die. My advice is to ride it last, because we got so nauseous we couldn’t do anymore after that.




Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier

Looking for something with less drama? You can’t go to L.A. without visiting Venice Beach and Santa Monica. You’ve seen it movies and TV shows, and it looks exactly the same in reality. The long beach walk in Venice is filled with unique characters, tourist shops, market stands, street entertainers, as well as a few weed shops.

When in Santa Monica check out the pier and the main shopping street. Here you’ll feel like home with all the Swedes. You’ll also find stores like Forever21, Converse, Victoria’s Secret, etc. However, since it’s so popular to come here shopping my advice is actually to go a mall somewhere else. A lot of the stores are half empty here.





Obviously you have to check out Hollywood. Here you can just walk around and soak in the atmosphere among the crowd.





What else? 

Go shopping at one of the huge malls, do your nails (so price worthy: For shellac I payed like 100kr), and go to Target. At Target you’ll find all kind of fun stuff to fill your suitcase with. Just look at how happy you’re boyfriend will be after 2 hours and a couple of thousand kr later.


Like I said, there’s an endless amount of things to do. Here you got a few at least.





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