Travel Guide: Skiathos

March 5, 2016




Summer is coming up and so is vacation times. Last summer was awful weather-wise here in Sweden. No sun at all and super cold. On Midsummer’s Eve I was wearing tights, a wool cardigan, and a scarf, still freezing my ass off. I mean, come on? Because of this, me and my mom decided to take a late summer’s vacation and go to Greece. We settled on a small island called Skiathos. You might recognize the name since parts of the movie Mama Mia was filmed there.


We had a great start of our journey: On the flight down there I woke up by the woman next to me vomiting all over me. Nice. I think the best part was that I barely got an apology. I hope she learned her lesson and won’t booze at 6 am next time.

When we finally arrived the sun was shining and everything was just great. There’s no better feeling than jumping in to the pool and then lay in the sun drying.


Unfortunately this nice weather didn’t last for long, before the worst storm in thirty years decided to arrive. I have never seen such heavy rain. It was like a monsoon, but instead of lasting for 10 minutes it last for hours. Instead of hanging our bikinis on the drying rack, we were hanging our wet socks. People were transferred from the neighboring island because cars were floating down the street and the electricity died. At the end though, we got a couple of days at the beach which was really nice.



Regardless of the weather, I have to say Skiathos is an amazing island. It is small, but beautiful. The best part of it all though: The food. I have traveled to Greece many times before, but never have I experienced such amazing food like the one on Skiathos.


  • Gyros: First off you have to stop by the small corner shop on the main street and have some gyros (like a Greek kebab).
  • 1901: Make a stop at the restaurant 1901 in the old part of Skiathos Town.
  • The Final Step: Grab a map and find your way up the hill to The Final Step. Follow the signs and you’ll find it behind the windmill. Amazing food, staff, and most of all: the view overlooking the harbor.
  • Taverna Lyhnari: You cannot miss out on this restaurant.
  • Lo & La: If you want to mix it up and have some amazing Italian food you have to check out this place.
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Bar: Right by the harbor and next to Lo & La, you’ll find the best bar on Skiathos.





  • Rent a car. Sure, there are buses but it’s such a freedom to have your own car. Make sure to get a jeep since some roads are pretty rough.
  • Take the boat to Skopelos. Because of the bad weather it was impossible for us to do this, but next time I’ll definitely go this smaller, neighboring island.
  • Shopping. There are a lot of tourist shops in Skiathos Town. You can find a handful of genuine stores with some nice clothes and jewelry.
  • Koukounaries Beach. Skiathos’ most famous beach. Plenty of space, OK restaurants, and some water sports. Of course the water is great.
  • The Monastery. If you’re feeling a bit cultural, take the car and go up the mountain to check out this old monastery. Skiathos is catholic and there are plenty of tiny little churches to check out.





  • Villa Alexis. The best hotel I’ve ever stayed at, period. Everything is perfect: the location, the rooms, the view, the pool, and the food. If you go here make sure to say hello to the owner Alexis. Even if you don’t stay at the hotel you should come here just for the food.



I would definitely recommend anyone to go to Skiathos. I think the best time to go here is during the low season. That way you’ll stay away from all the families and you can be sure to always get a table at the restaurants. Book your ticket for early or late summer. The storm we experienced is not a common occurrence so I wouldn’t worry about that.



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