Valentine’s Day Gift

February 14, 2016

So today is the day when all singles are crying, eating ice cream in PJ’s and the couples are having anxiety over what to give their SO.



Nah. I don’t think anyone should feel bad over this day. It’s just an ordinary day, like the Monday I talked about before. Feeling left alone on Christmas or your birthday I would understand, but Valentine’s is something that is made up solely for commercial use.



This is gonna sound so cheesy, but for me, every day is Valentine’s Day. I’m so lucky to be in a relationship where we always take care of each other, no matter what day of the year it is. Before when I was single I didn’t care that much either. I guess that’s just the way I was brought up, and was fortunate enough to have a loving family and friends.



However, I still think it can be nice to do something sweet once in awhile. I love being creative and if it happens to coincide with Valentine’s Day, then so be it. I remember our first Valentine. My boyfriend came home from a trip to Ethiopia and was so tired we just lay in bed watching three horror movies in a row. Pretty awesome times.



My best Valentine’s Day gift:



Last year I did a “Jar of Mush”. I wrote down 56 reasons why I love him on tiny pieces of paper, rolled them up, and put them in a mason jar. He still hasn’t opened all of them.









This year I kinda dropped the ball since I’m actually home sick. A movie and a nice dinner is more than enough for me.



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