What To Do When Bored

March 27, 2016




Easter is awesome since it means no work for 4 days. However, I found myself restless and bored this morning. What to do on a Sunday (that’s like a Saturday since I got tomorrow off)?


Here’s a list of what to do when feeling bored:

  • Plan your week and set new goals
  • Organize/ clean – Why not go through that drawer you’ve been throwing stuff in the last year?
  • Exercise – Go for a walk, run, or do some yoga at home
  • Watch a new TV show – My latest obsession is the show 11.22.63 (with James Franco!)
  • Be creative – Draw, paint, write. If you’ve never tried something, you’ll never know if you like it
  • Bake or cook 
  • Try a new makeup routine
  • Make a new hairstyle – Have straight hair? Try making it curly or vice versa
  • Hang out with a friend – Be bored together
  • Reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in a long time 
  • Play video games – I like the game L.A. Noir, just the right amount of action for me
  • Take photos 
  • Learn something new – It could be anything from what actually happened in the WWI, or learn how to knit
  • Browse the web for inspiration – Youtube and Pinterest will easily keep you occupied for hours
  • Paint your nails
  • Gardening – Don’t have a garden? Try growing some spices in your kitchen
  • Read (or listen to an audio book)
  • Rest – Embrace the boredom, lay down on the couch, turn off your phone, and just be bored for a while

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